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Alias TV Review (2001-2006) 15 8*

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Alias TV poster

Alias TV Review: Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) is a s a secret agent for SD-6, a top-secret branch of the CIA. After a few years, Sydney decides to confide her lifestyle to her boyfriend. However the evil head of SD-6,Arvin Sloan (Ron Rifkin), kills him. Then Sydney learns that SD-6 is part of a rogue international agency called the Alliance of 12, out to rule the world. She becomes a double agent, working with the real CIA to bring down SD-6 with the assistance of her handler and her estranged father (Victor Garber). Along the way, Sydney fights various rival agents, rival terrorist groups, and traitors all the while keeping her cloak-and-dagger lifestyle a secret from her friends.

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This tv series is full of action, mystery, intrigue and suspense. Also the acting is superb and has a great cast.