Black Swan Rising (Black Swan Rising Trilogy Book 1) by Lee Carroll 7*

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One day, New York jeweller Garet James comes across an antiques shop she’d never noticed before. The owner possesses an old silver box that’s been sealed shut. She opes it and that night strange things begin to happen. It’s as if her world has shifted, revealing another parallel place that co-exists without our knowledge: the world of the Fey. Garet learns that one of her ancestors was ‘the Watchtower’: an immortal chosen to stand guard over the human and the fey worlds – a role that she has, it seems, inherited from her mother. But the equilibrium between these two existences is under threat. 

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This book has a slow suspenseful start. It is less of an action book but more a thought provoking one. The storyline is good, just different from what you might expect.