Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon 10*

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It’s 1964 in Zephyr, Alabama. It’s a simple life, for Cory Mackenson. Then one morning, while accompanying his father on his milk route,  a car careens off the road and slowly sink into Saxon’s Lake. His father dives into the icy water to rescue the driver, and finds a beaten corpse, naked and handcuffed to the steering wheel. In time, the townsfolk seem to forget all about the unsolved murder. But Cory and his father can’t.

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Robert McCammon has created a masterpiece in Boy’s Life.  It is a fantastic story, with likeable characters, it transports you to small town life, which includes tragedy and murder.  The audiobook is very well done and I can highly recommend it.

There really is nothing bad to say about this book, it is fantastic.