Chloe by Freya North 8*

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When Chloë Cadwallader’s beloved godmother Jocelyn dies, she leaves her a letter instructing her to give up her job (rubbish) and her boyfriend (ditto) to travel the four countries of the United Kingdom during the four seasons of the year. Chloë ventures to a farm deep in the Black Mountains where she comes across the best looking man she’s ever laid eyes on. And as the seasons unfold, so too does Chloë’s journey. From Abergavenny to St Ives, from the Giant’s Causeway to the shores of Loch Lomond, join her as she discovers love, lust, life – and, just possibly, a man for all seasons.

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This is another great light hearted romance from Freya North. Enjoy the adventure and the romps.

The author likes to pad out her description in places which might be fine for some but not others.