Cigars of the Pharoah (The Adventures of Tintin Book 4) by Herge 8-12yrs 9*

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Tintin, the world’s most famous travelling reporter must unearth the truth behind the strange cigars bearing a pharaoh’s symbol. On the hunt for an Egyptologist and a mysterious ancient pharaoh, Tintin scours Egypt and India. He makes friends with elephants, narrowly avoids falling victim to the poison of madness and saves a maharajah from a killer tiger.

Hergé’s classic comic book creation Tintin is one of the most iconic characters in children’s books. These highly collectible editions of the original 24 adventures will delight Tintin fans old and new. 


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The 24 books are perfect for lovers of graphic novels, mysteries and historical adventures. This is just one of my favourites within the series. There is some humour as well with the characters.