Cloud Roads Book Review (The Books of the Raksura Book 1) 9*

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Cloud Roads Book Reveiw: Moon is a shape-shifter and is able to transform himself into a winged creature of flight. An orphan with only vague memories of his own kind, Moon tries to fit in among different tribes and hides who he is. However he discovers a shape-shifter like himself. Stone knows exactly what he is and he promises that Moon will be welcome in his community. What he doesn’t tell Moon is that his presence will tip the balance of power… that his extraordinary lineage is crucial to the colony’s survival… and that his people face extinction at the hands of the dreaded Fell! Now Moon must overcome a lifetime of conditioning in order to save and himself… and his newfound kin.

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This is a thrilling and entertaining fantasy novel. Also the author writes well and the pace is excellent.  Plus there is great progression to the characters who are fascinating. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.