Empire of the Ants “Les Fourmis” (Ant Saga Book 1) by Bernard Werber 9*

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Edmond Wells had studied ants for years: he knew of the power which existed in their hidden world. On his death, he leaves his apartment to his nephew Jonathan with one proviso: that he must not descend beyond the cellar door. But when the family’s dog escapes down the cellar steps, Jonathan has little alternative but to follow. Innocently he enters the world of the ant, whose struggle for existence forces him to reassess man’s place in the cycle of nature. It is an experience that will alter his life forever…

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The author takes you on an amazing journey into the world of ants. It is a highly entertaining book and underlines the harsh complexities within a different world that you can only but imagine. If you know French then I would suggest reading the sequel ‘le jour de fourmis’ as the book is just as good but hasn’t been translated into English.