Heroes (2006-2010) 15 8*

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The series is about ordinary people across the globe who discover they have extraordinary powers. As they discover their new found talents, the new superheroes have to come to terms with the impact the discovery has on their lives. Among the list of superheroes are Hiro Nakamura, a Japanese comic-book fan who discovers he has the ability to stop time, Claire Bennet a school chearleader who is literally indestructable, and Isaac Mendez, a junkie artist who can paint the future when he is high. 

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The first series of Heroes is worth an 8 rating and is absolutely awesome. There are great storylines and good acting.

The second and third series aren’t as good. (5* rating) Halfway through the second series I stopped then years later picked it up again hoping it would get better, it didn’t. There are a lot of holes in the plot and it just feels like it loses its way.