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Highlander Movie Review (1986) 15 8*

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Highlander Movie Poster

Highlander Movie Review: After surviving a mortal wound during a clan battle in the Scottish Highlands in 1536, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is banished from his village. Years later, he meets Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery), a swordsman who teaches MacLeod the truth.  He is immortal, one of a race of many who can only die when the head is cut from the body. He must fight his way through the centuries until the time of the gathering.  When the few immortals who have survived the ages will come together to fight until only one remains. In New York City the final fight is about to begin, and in the end there can be only one

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Highlander is a cult classic film with a brilliant cast.  The story is original and also the soundtrack from Queen is magic.