In the Club (2014-2016) PG 12 8*

Drama Fiend Drama Fiend TV

IN THE CLUB portrays six women from very different backgrounds all of whom share one thing in common… they’re pregnant. Diane and Rick are expecting their ‘miracle’ baby. Jasmin is struggling with chronic morning sickness and feels as though an alien has taken over her body. Roanna is battling with her ex-husband over their divorce settlement but is very happy and in love with her much younger partner Simon. Kim lives with her partner Susie and Susie’s son, Jude, and writes a pregnancy blog. Some of these women will find their dreams come true, some risk losing theirs but all will discover that nothing’s easy when you’re IN THE CLUB.

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This is a binge worthy watching British tv series. It has great story lines. Also the acting is good. Plus there is some humour to lighten the drama.