Inheritance (Swell Valley Book 1) by Tilly Bagshawe 7*

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Tatiana Flint-Hamilton’s life changes when her father dies. The family estate slips through Tati’s fingers  the new Lord of the Manor is just as ruthless as Tati. The old-world status of Furlings is everything the wealthy, self-made Brett Cranley want. Luckily his wife Angela is the perfect homemaker, happy to fall into line with whatever Brett desires. Along with her two children, Furlings soon becomes Angela’s lifeline, a place she can finally belong. And one she’s not going to give up easily. Losing everything makes Tati realise that her rightful inheritance is all that she now lives for and she will do anything to get it back.

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If you want a chicklit that is an easy read and nothing serious then this is for you.