Innerspace movie poster

Innerspace Movie Review (1997) PG 8*

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Innerspace movie poster

Innerspace Movie Review: The top-secret test of a sub-miniaturisation process goes wildly awry when industrial spies steal the technology. An experiment supervisor accidentally injects the solution that contains a daring pilot (Dennis Quaid) of the world’s first molecular-sized craft into the bloodstream of a hypochondriac grocery store clerk (Martin Short). Now the pilot, who is the size of an atom, only has a 24-hour supply of oxygen. So he must convince the nerd in whose body he is trapped how to be a hero in order to recover the stolen technology. Plus he must convince the pilot’s girlfriend (Meg Ryan) that he loves her and save both men from a grisly death. 

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This is a really funny sci-fi adventure. Also the story line is imaginative and entertaining. Plus the characters have brilliant chemistry.