iZombie (2015-) 15 8*

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Olivia “Liv” Moore is a medical resident on the fast track to a perfect life until she’s turned into a zombie. Now she is half-alive and undead. So Liv transfers to the city morgue to reluctantly access the only thing that allows her to maintain her humanity. She needs human brains. But there are side effects to Liv’s new diet. With each brain she consumes, she experiences flashes of the corpse’s memories including, at times, clues as to how they were killed. Her brilliant and eccentric boss encourages her to embrace this gift and to work with a homicide detective to help solve these murders and quiet the voices in her head.

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The first season of this series is quirky and funny. Also it is quite an original storyline. Moreover, Rose McIver is perfect the role and comes across well in her different personas she takes on.