Kiss Chase by Fiona Walker 8*

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Felix Sylvian is a charming, silken-tongued dilettante. But he has one nasty habit he can’t seem to break: a sadistic tendency to ride rough-shod over any girl foolish enough to fall for him. Saskia Seaton is Felix’s latest victim and she decides she wants poetic justice. And her friend Phoebe’s the one to get it. With Saskia’s help, Phoebe will become Felix’s dream woman. She will seduce him until he falls in love with her and then she’ll drop him just as he has so many women in the past. But Phoebe doesn’t realise that when she tries to break Felix’s nasty habit, she’ll find herself breaking her own heart.

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This is another brilliant well written book from Fiona Walker. There is revenge, romance and funny moments. A must read.