La Famille Bélier (2014) PG 12 7*

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For the Béliers, their 16 year old daughter Paula is a vital member of their eccentric clan. As the only non-deaf member of the family she acts as their ears and mouth. She allows the townspeople to communicate with the often misunderstood Béliers. One day this harmony is thrown in to disarray when Paula discovers a raw and untapped gift for singing. And with the encouragement of her music professor, she decides to audition for the prestigious Maîtrise de Radio France music college in Paris. However, this leaves Paula with a painful dilemma: does she stay with her family or take her first steps towards independence and adulthood?

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This is a lovely film about one girl’s ambitions and how it might impact on her family. At times it is funny and the characters are believable. It’s a lovely, sweet film.