Lace (Lace Book 1) by Shirley Conran 8*

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WHICH ONE OF YOU BITCHES IS MY MOTHER?1980. Four friends come face to face with a young, mega-watt film star. She has a question for them that has brought her from the streets of Paris to the playgrounds of the rich and famous – and it has almost destroyed her. Kate, Maxine, Judy and Pagan have soared to the top in fashion, PR and interior design. Now they are forced to look back at their lives: their wicked behaviour at school, the building of careers and the breaking of hearts. These women have never questioned their friendship, but now they must answer to Lili.

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This novel is well written and is filled with drama, sex, betrayal and scandal. A must read. The mini tv series adapted from this book isn’t bad either, just a bit dated.