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Oculus Movie Review (2013) 8*

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Oculus Movie Poster

Oculus Movie Review: Convicted of his parent death, years before Tim (Brenton Thwaites) is released from a mental hospital.  He hopes to begin a new life, but his sister Kaylie (Karen Gillian) wants to prove his innocence.  Convinced her parents’ deaths were caused by a malevolent supernatural force unleashed through the Lasser Glass, an antique mirror in their childhood home. Kaylie tracks down the mirror, only to learn similar deaths have befallen previous owners over the past century. With the mysterious entity now back in their hands, Tim and Kaylie soon find their hold on reality shattered by terrifying hallucinations, and realise, too late, that their childhood nightmare is beginning again…

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Oculus is an edge of your seat horror film.  It is full of suspense, creepy, also has some great acting.