Silver Spoon TV Review ‘Mazhor’ (2014-) 15 7*

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Silver Spoon TV Review: Igor Sokolovsky is the son of a high-ranking and rich man. He has a degree in law but is not in a hurry to find work for himself. Igor’s father provides everything for him and he spends all his time partying in nightclubs. However one night he defends a friend and gets into a fight with a policeman. His father, Vladimir Sokolovsky, uses his connections to make sure that Igor stays out of jail. Afterwards he deprives his son of the usual unlimited funds and sends him to work at a police station. Igor hates his new life but he can now investigate the death of his mother who supposedly killed herself 20 years ago.

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This is an easy watching crime drama Russian series. Also there is some light humour and romance. The acting gets better as the season progresses.