The Air You Breathe by Frances de Pontes Peeble 7*

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Dores is a skinny, 9 year old orphan who works in the kitchen of a sugar plantation in 1930s Brazil. One day in walks a girl who changes everything. Graça is the daughter of a wealthy sugar baron. She is clever, well fed, pretty, and thrillingly ill behaved. Born to wildly different worlds, Dores and Graça quickly bond over shared mischief, and then, on a deeper level, over music. Music will become their shared passion, the source of their partnership and their rivalry, and for each, the only way out of the life to which each was born. Their intimate, volatile bond will determine each of their fortunes and haunt their memories.

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This book is beautifully written. It reads like an autobiography and is supposedly based on a famous Brazilian singer, Carmen Miranda, although the author doesn’t mention her name.

This book is a tad too long. Some parts don’t need to be there that are.