The Firm (1993) 15 8*

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This first film adaptation of a John Grisham novel satisfies even though it radically changes the last half of the book. Mitch McDeere, a hot law graduate, finds a dream job in a Memphis law firm. His superiors provide Mitch and his young wife, Abby, with a house and plenty of money in exchange for lots of work, and maybe something more. Soon FBI agents encircle Mitch, telling him his firm has a sinister secret, forcing Mitch into a difficult position. How Mitch deals with his situation is where the book and movie differ, yet by the time Mitch is running from bad guys, the movie delivers Grisham’s goods.

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This is an exciting thriller and one of Tom Cruise’s best acting roles. The plot is excellent but what do you expect from John Grisham.