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The Triangle TV Review (2005) 12 7*

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The Triangle TV poster

The Triangle TV Review: When billionaire industrialist Eric Benirall (Sam Neill) starts losing expensive cargo ships in the area, he demands to know the truth. Assembling a team of experts, including sceptical reporter Howard Thomas (Eric Stoltz), ocean engineer Emily Patterson, pyschic Stan Lathem (Bruce Davison), and scientist Bruce Geller, Benirall dispatches them to the Bermuda Triangle to get to the bottom of the disappearances. They are beset by increasingly bizarre and terrifying occurences and start to believe they are dealing with something beyond human comprehension.

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Lou Diamond Phillips and Sam Neill are good. The series is worth watching with some nice effects.

There are a few plot holes and wondered whether it was a 6* but went for the entertaining factor hence the higher star.