The West Wing (1999-2006) PG 12 9*

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The first season of the West Wing establishes the cast of the characters which comprises the White House staff. Firstly, there’s Chief of Staff Leo McGarry, a recovering alcoholic whose efforts to be the cornerstone of the administration contribute to the break-up of his marriage. Also, CJ is the formidable Press Spokeswoman who is in a tentative on-off relationship with a reporter. Brilliant but grumpy communications deputy Toby Ziegler, brilliant but faintly nerdy Sam Seaborn and brilliant but smart-alecky Josh Lyman make up the rest of the inner circle. Jed Bartlet is the President who has eccentric volatility, caution, humour and strength.

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This is a brilliantly thought out engaging political drama. Also the acting is superb and the characters lend plenty of drama to the story to keep you entertained. Binge worthy watching.