Vanity Fair TV Review (1998) PG 8*

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Vanity Fair TV Review: TV series is based on the classic novel by William  Makepeace Thackeray. Becky Sharp (Natasha Little) is a governess, temptress and social climber, who compensates in brains and beauty for what she conspicuously lacks in breeding. To what lengths will she go in order to secure herself a rich and high-born husband? Becky’s progress is mirrored by that of her fragile best friend Amelia (Frances Grey), who is besotted with the raffish George Osborne (Philip Glenister), but secretly admired by Osborne’s staunch ally William Dobbin.

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This is such a good adaptation of the novel, Vanity Fair. The casting is superb. The acting is believable and realistic. It shows darker side of people and materialism but also the lighter side of pure love. The yin and yang.